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The Quozzle Book by Patricia Devine   The Unique Puzzle Book

The puzzles included in the Quozzle and Unique Puzzle Books are for those puzzlers who enjoy something a little more involved, a little more challenging.

The majority have been adapted from ideas in foreign magazines and have been chosen because they are different from what is currently available in Australia. That does not mean they are difficult - they are different, not difficult, unless, of course, you choose not to read and follow the directions!

The Quozzle Book has five different puzzles including Quozzle, Deft Definition, Boxing Match and Triple Treat - with a total of 75.


Deft Definition

Boxing Match

Triple Treat

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The Unique Puzzle Book has 14 different puzzles including Boxing Match, Cubits, Double Cross, Square Rounds and Zig Zag - with a total of 76.

Boxing Match


Double Cross

Square Rounds

Zig Zag

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